Ideal compositions for playing Valorant as a team

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If you’re playing Valorant with friends just to hang out, your best bet will probably be to choose your favorite characters and focus on having fun without thinking about the final score. But if you want to go a step further and enter the competitive one to seek victories, certain characters understand each other better within the game. Valorant boosting can help your team to achieve success.

Agent roles or types are not in Valorant by chance. The characters are divided into initiators, duelists, controllers, and sentinels to create balanced teams where each player plays a certain role. If besides, we take into account the current meta of the game, some agents and compositions seem essential for your team.

You want Cypher and Sage on your team

If you want to win the game, you’re going to want Cypher and Sage on your team. The Moroccan Sentinel and the Chinese Healer have become two essential choices for any team. Also, for professional players who have made this pair a practically mandatory pick since the beta. In the case of Cypher, it is a character that allows you to defend a point alone thanks to its detection abilities such as the spy camera or the tripwire. For his part, Sage remains the only character capable of healing others and, more importantly, resurrecting a partner with his ultimate.Valorant boosting can ensure winning for your team.

Continue with Brimstone, Breach, and Sova

If we continue looking at the use that professional players are making of Valorant agents we see two other names that, if you have played with them, you will already know their usefulness. Brimstone is also an almost mandatory choice for teams looking for a balance between attack and defense. The fumes of the North American controller become an essential skill to avoid Russians or star in them, so it offers your team the possibility of versatile strategies throughout the game, both in attack and defense. Not forgetting how well this character understands the information that Cypher can obtain.

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If we go to the attack, one of the most recurrent options during the first competitions was Breach. A starter with complex skills that, when used well, can be decisive in opening a point and that offer great synergy with other duelists and starters in the game. For example, we can choose to complete the fifth gap by choosing Sova. Not only is the Russian initiator capable of providing a ton of additional information, but he also blends his ultimate to perfection with Brimstone and Breach, two characters who deliver the best result when their teammates support their actions.

Go for a more offensive strategy

If your team has several aggressive players with good aim, you may want to opt for characters that allow more offensive compositions. For this, you will want to have characters like Raze, Omen, Jett, and even Phoenix – although it is difficult for the English arsonist to appear in competitive. A couple of these agents work perfectly maintaining the base of Sage, Cypher, and Sova. This allows for more determined attacking plays, with Sova providing information and Cypher guarding the rear while Sage keeps an eye out to put a couple of Band-Aids where needed. Reyna’s arrival also opened up new options in attack. He is a powerful character in the right hands who can wreak havoc in enemy ranks. So, if your team has a determined and deadly player you can play for him with a lineup of Cypher, Sage, Sova, Omen, and Reyna that can work very well in many maps and situations. Or even risk some game to leave Cypher or Sage out for some other duelist like Raze or Jett. Of course, the defenses will have to be perfect.

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