Best place to put a microwave in a tiny kitchen

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If you plan for a kitchen alteration, then you need to change many things and placing microwave in a correct place would be a challenging task. Usually, the microwaves can take up some space, if they are not properly installed in a chosen area at your kitchen. In fact, the microwave is a good kitchen appliance for those who prefer doing the essential things in an easy way. In almost each kitchen, this microwave is simply placed over anywhere or just sitting over a range or on a countertop. But, there is no architecturally designed area or special location. But, if you have a small kitchen, you discover it complex to find out where to put a microwave in a tiny kitchen, so you have to get some ideas for your kitchen.

  • On a shelf– Place your microwave on a shelf is really a good option. But, you can make sure it is wide sufficient and also strong enough to help the weight and size of your microwave.
  • On your pantry– Of course, it is also a nice place to put microwave. If you are searching for a place to keep it out of sight, you just place it on your pantry. But, you can ensure that your pantry has strong, safe shelf and electrical outlets.

Whenever you find difficulty in placing where to put a microwave in a tiny kitchen, you just follow above ideas and find one of the most common places for your microwave to sit it as safely as possible.

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